Sunday, January 11, 2009


Marathon cleaning

Today, my son and I did marathon cleaning all afternoon. This is an idea from FlyLady, yet again: you clean really hard for 15 minutes (always with a timer), then do whatever you want (play, watch TV, knit; I cut out pajamas) for 15 minutes, repeat.

I got the whole bathroom clean from top to bottom, the house swept, two big baskets of laundry moved downstairs and started, half the dishes done, several counters cleared and wiped, some Freecyclable stuff assembled and readied... seems like there's more. Oh, I tossed two cut-out cardboard boxes after making my son choose which one of the 3 he had modded to keep. (He chose the new giant one we just got from work, which had held a big monitor for one of our older machines, back when monitors were giant.) He worked for his room, but for the life of me, I couldn't see what he got done... he did attempt to pick up papers and sort them (recycle or keep). He also put away a complex advent calendar we have, from Playmobil, where each day's box holds one or several pieces to a final Christmas scene.

I also got my laundry-sorting table cleared and put into use and am SO happy about that. It is so nice to have a place to sort everything and have it right there by the washer.

I wanted to get more done today, but we really made a great dent in what needed to be done, and both enjoyed the intermittent "play" time. I'm really looking forward to doing the FlyLady routines again. Which means I need to get to sleep. :)

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