Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I'm going for it.

Alas, I'm doing it. Decluttering my space, organizing things, really getting it together. How?

Weirdly, after all the books and articles and such I read, all the online info through which I sifted, all the "programs" I tried, I realized I had a system in me that needed to come out. And so I started writing it down, and doing it. And it works. Really, really well. And I know it will work for others, too, because there's a way to personalize it for one's individual decluttering/organizing style. And because there's absolutely NO WAY to remain stuck with this system. And it's super easy to follow, not some big laborious and ponderous "thing" you need to master.

How cool is that?

Once I have it fully written down, and have worked all the way through it myself, I'll make it available to a wider audience.

Until then, back to decluttering for me...Woo hoo!

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