Tuesday, December 19, 2006


way more than 15 minutes of fame tonight

tonight i have been working on the room again. i am not sure how i can keep plugging away and it still looks either a) bad or b) worse but really not ever c) better or d) showing vast improvement

i need ot move a filing cabinet in from my housemate's patio (don't ask) and so i have to clear out the place where it is to go. that means going through the boxes of filing that currently reside in a tower *right there* (points to place where file cabinet will go).

alas, i went through a small drawer of filing/important papers and they are now strewn everywhere. that said, i also managed to condense two boxes of filing down to one, with the exception of some tax info, which i will put elsewhere.

i would love to stop and rest and watch some csi. but the room is too messy for that--i can't just leave it like this (nowhere to sleep or sit--the bed doubles as the tv viewing area).

how do YOU tackle papers?

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