Thursday, November 16, 2006


Taking Action

Yesterday, I used my lunch to take some action.

I took the clothes I've been carting around for 3 weeks to Goodwill. I'd tried before but the Donation Station was closed. Alas, I love the term "donation station" as it reminds me of "conjunction junction" from Saturday TV.

I had donations from both me and T because it seems that the GW up near her office (in a very plush suburb) DOESN'T TAKE DONATIONS. Does this strike you as odd? All these affluent folks passing on their barely used clothing and no one to grab it and redistribute it, even though they have a store RIGHT THERE that is ostensibly for that purpose? I'm sure they have a good reason, it's just funny to have GW tell you that they don't accept donations. Of anything...

So, now GW in SC/Capitola has some really nice stuff. People in my area tend to keep, reuse, recycle etc. so that oftentimes their things are ready for the garbage rather than Goodwill. That said, I've come upon some very nice and totally usable clothes @ GW. In fact, I have one shirt I wear ALL THE TIME that I got there years ago.

I know full well what GW (not Who GW) is. That said, many purchases have been made there, I consider it a mainstay in my shopping.

I'm waiting to donate something then see it on the rack and buy it again. Hasn't happened yet, but I am sure it will.
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