Tuesday, October 03, 2006


on blogging and balance: response

I agree that blogging can take a lot of time. I see it as writing, but also as a social activity. I am writing for myself, of course, but I am also writing for and to my readers, many of whom I know.

Some I've met online, and I read their blogs and feel a kinship with them--I wonder how their kid is, or whether their disability payment came in, or how the move is going. I also keep in touch with several friends via my blog--they know what I'm up to because I post. Blogging allows me a certain level of regular connection I might not otherwise have with a diverse group of peopple.

I also meet folks I wouldn't have met at my local coffeehouse, or dance class. They live in Florida, in Utah, in a little town in the midwest. I feel my life is better and broader for hearing their perspectives. And I believe writers need not only quiet space and time in which to write, but also new experiences and ideas. I also truly enjoy reading their blogs--many of them are well-written, amusing, and generally a pleasure to read (and engage with).

Like any activity, I try to keep blogging within the time I can "afford"; that said, I do feel like I need to check in every once in a while and let folks know I haven't been abducted by aliens. I also find that if I write out things either on my blog or in my journal, I feel better in general. It helps me vent, plan, think, dream and laugh (often at myself). In some ways, it's a record of my life.

I guess I'm of two minds here: obviously, I don't recommend blogging to the exclusion of everything else. But you can use blogging to feed your soul a little so you have more fodder for your other writing, or so that you are relaxed and open (or keyed up and passionate) when you approach that poem or essay.

As someone who writes, I can also say that sometimes I need to take a break from hired gun writing and from the pressure to produce creative writing or engaging articles. Some folks go for long walks or bike rides, others meditate at the beach. Some play video games. Others blog. YMMV. :)

Thanks for the food for thought--it was great to think about why I blog and then try to articulate it a bit here.

Thanks for the thoughful reply! IMO, the best part of blogging is the community that it builds. I have met such smart and fun people through my various blogging ventures. It definitely makes the effort all worthwhile :)
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