Friday, October 20, 2006


living small

Our family purposefully chose to downscale and move into a small on-campus apartment four years ago when I returned to grad school. Our friends and family have been rather astonished by our insistence on living in such a small space (750 sq ft). But the world's standards, this is not really very small, but for the affluent area of SoCal where we live, our lifestyle is quite unusual.

So I've taken a brief video to show part of our home. It probably does look a bit cluttered, but there's not much space for clean and serene when you've got so many people living in such a small area! But I have worked hard to declutter the extraneous, to pare down to what is essentially for daily living. It's a work in process, and I think the result is quite cozy and home-y. :)

Book and music... I couldn't ask for a better house. :)
oh wow, i LOVE THE BOOKSHELVES (and the books). i couldn't get the file to play until recently, so i'm glad i tried again. thanks for showing your space!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Wen :)

The bookshelves are our biggest indulgence. They are a beast to dust and keep tidy, but they are so worth it! Soon I will write a post about how I catalog and index our books (I have a database to track them and i shelve them by their Library of Congress call number). I know this is a geeky thing to do, but it's the only way I can keep track of all of our books!
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