Wednesday, September 27, 2006



my sweet old kitty, miss tiger lily, is pretty frail and not so interested in eating for the past few days. she lives over at my ex's house and so after getting a "come see tl" e-mail from ki, i went over to hang with my sweet old girl. she seemed happy to see me. how i love that kitty! (i wrote more about this over at my worldwidewen blog. )

as an added bonus, t. came with me and helped me move the video/cd/dvd cabinet to the living room at the place i'm living now. we had to scrunch it in next to my housemates' old tv cart, as they bought a new one and merely relocated the old one. my housemate had said it was fine for me to bring the cabinet over, so that's a good thing. i will be able to get at least 50% of the videos off my floor now. yay! i have a box of cds to deal with as well, but all in good time. i'm wondering if i should go to the store and get another storage box for the extra videos. the only thing is that i don't really have a place to put it.

so, there is motion on the organizing front! woo hoo.

i'll be out of town this weekend, though, so anything i do must be tongiht. tomorrow, my day goes from 6ish AM until 10 PM straight through. i'll probably be able to grab quick food between my practice and the class i teach, but that's about it for breaks. whew.

good luck to all you declutterbugs this week!

Wen: My condolences to you on the loss of your "miss tiger lily".
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