Saturday, September 30, 2006


on blogging and balance

I was at lunch with a friend last week and she asked me what I'd been writing lately, and did I have any recent publications? Rather sheepishly, I told her that I'd been investing most of my creative energy into writing for blogs. And I haven't had much left over time for writing stories, poetry, or academic articles.

After chatting with her I started wondering about the amount of time I've been spending on the blogs. I mean, I love my blogging community--I've found great friends through this medium--but I'm wondering if I don't need to better balance my blogging efforts with 'real' writing?

So how do you all strike a balance in your lives? Are you so addicted to blogging that nothing else gets done? Or do you discipline yourself in such a way that you can do both?
[Note: I am 'recycling' this post from another blog, as part of my ongoing effort to "save time" :)]

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