Wednesday, August 23, 2006


what if?

What if I just let go of all my excess? What if I tossed out, gave away, sold all those things I don't really use regularly?

How would that feel?

I vascillate. Obviously, if I don't think I'll use it, I get rid of it. But I often stop short of getting rid of EVERYTHING I don't wear or use regularly.

I don't always trust that I could replace whatever it is if I suddenly needed it. I also like a lot of variety and such in clothing, and I'm always thinking I shouldn't buy any more clothing. So I feel like if I get rid of a bunch of okay-but-not-stellar clothing, I'll be without a lot of choices in the clothing department, and I won't really have the money to replace it. (And I'm super hard to fit, so there's the time and frustration factor, too.)

But there's also the part of me that would love to have a clutterfree closet.

Another part thinks, "well, what about the other stuff I enjoy less but have to keep (silly things like staplers, financial records, dental floss and such)?" And really, how do you decide what to keep? If you only need a few tee shirts, what ones do you keep if you like them all? It gets too confusing, and I end up with a pile of yeses and a pile of nos and a BIG HUGE pile of "not sures." Then, of course, I leave the "not sures" there so I can decide. And then the nos join the pile of things for Goodwill, which also sits.

It'd be nice to sell some of my things so I could have a bit of extra cash. It would certainly come in handy! But that means setting aside time and figuring out a space for a garage sale (my place is not condusive to having one, as it has no lawn or driveway).

Ultimately, I end up not doing a 100% all-holds-barred "thing makeover" because I want to make the "right" decision, the decision that would maximize my money, space and time.


Time to put the laundry in the dryer!

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