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Sometimes I crosspost from my other blog. This is one of those times.

Evening Update

I have a ton to do, but I don't have to BE anywhere tonight, which is huge. Typically, my evenings are extremely busy. Add to that the fact that I usually work late and you have one very, very busy and tired wen.

Tonight I have that weird sense of possibility--I can do whatever I please, really. Except that I have this huge superego that chants "clean, write, sort the filing, do the laundry" so loudly that I can't really concentrate on having fun, per se.

When I got home from work today--I left within an hour of quitting time, which is big for me--I took this pre-filing accordian folder (well, it's more like a 10-inch wide file "box") and went through the entire contents. This was one of the things that was on "my" pile to haul away from the old house. Alas, I figured it wasn't all my stuff, but really, resistance is futile.

I put Ki's stuff on one pile, mine on another and tossed everything I didn't need. I threw out old UCSC pay stubs, fellowship letters etc. I sure hope these aren't the types of things one needs to keep indefinitely. Hmmm. I also have a "do I need to keep it?" pile with old AAA statements, the odd paid off credit card bill etc. Does anyone know how long one must hang on to these things? Is 2 years enough?

I journaled for a few moments--gasp, I pen and papered it, rather than blogging!!--and found that 1) the pen did not write smoothly, which I hate and 2) I was writing about all the work I should be doing.

So, I stopped and threw in a load of laundry. I love having a w/d right in the house, but due to my living situation, I need to dry my hanging clothes in my room. This makes an already crowded space much worse. Even though I have the "over the door" hanger thingees, I end up needing more space than that for a load of laundry. (NB: I'm not big on the dryer because I'm so tall that my clothes barely cover my wrists and ankles as it is. Any shrinkage renders my duds entirely unwearable unless I am going for the uber nerd my-mom-didn't-bother-to-buy-me-new-school-clothes-and-my-how-I've-grown-over-the-summer look, which I am not.

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