Monday, June 19, 2006


IKEA, redux

I can't remember if I posted about going to IKEA last weekend with T. Well, we did. One of the main items she wanted, a kitchen cart, was out of stock. Of course we didn't find this out until after we'd run between the wicker basket level and the kitchen level several times in an attempt to figure out what baskets would work on the cart shelves.

On trip #2 to IKEA (the next weekend), we got the kitchen cart, but they were out of the Gorm shelves and crates I wanted for my room.

IKEA Law #1: You will not find the main item you came for. You will, however, find lots of other items that will necessitate you standing in a long line. And you will select these items BEFORE discovering they are out of Important Item #1.

I went to another IKEA that next Monday, got my shelves and proved IKEA Law #2.

IKEA Law #2: Even if you have the exact location--aisle and bin #--of the item you want, you will not get in and out of IKEA in less than 2 hours.

I had a lot of snafus, including having to wait in the return line because I couldn't use the gift card I had at the check out first time around. They were on #12. I was #26. Ahem.

Keeping in mind that this is the "close to me" IKEA and it's still over an hour away (45 or so miles, but the first 26 of them are curvy, curvy, curvy) and you see I had quite a night.

When I got home, I stayed up late, banging the shelves into submission, I mean, uhm, "assembling" them. They are braced and very crooked. I had trouble sleeping the first couple of nights with them--they are both crooked and right in my field of vision (at the foot of my bed). When I fall asleep and when I wake up, there they are. My closing and opening glances at the world are, in a word, askew.

But, hey, I have shelves! With crates (not yet assembled).

You are so funny!
I love Ikea, but do not shop there as much as I used to. Best part is cafeteria and frozen yogurt, no assembly required. I am working on designing our kitchen using Ikea program - what a nightmare so far...
Though I _love_ Ikea, I have a new (less-expensive and less-time consuming)strategy: I skip the upper floor entirely, which is mostly just the decorator stuff. I walk in the OUT door to the lower level and head straight for the warehouse, the linens, whatever. If, by chance, I do need to go upstairs, I still do it in reverse, because it all seems to much faster that way.
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