Monday, June 12, 2006


General Update: Of garages and shopping

A few updates:

*T. told me that I could store some of my stuff in her garage. This is incredibly generous on her part, because it's a one-car garage and she was originally going to park her car in it once she got a new door. Instead, it will contain shelves and such for my camping gear, kayaking gear etc. (She'll of course have some things in there as well). This will free up a lot of room in my room and in my storage space (that I rent).

*Last weekend I bought 2 large shelving units and 9 big tupperware-type tubs from Tar-jeh for this express reason. It cost me about the same as two months' rent on my storage unit.

*Yesterday, T. and I went to IKEA. It's her least-favorite "home buying" store experience. It's not that she doesn't like the stuff, but rather that the huge, confusing warehouse chock full of people gets to her. (My least favorite home shopping experience is Home Depot, because there you often need something really specific, and She needed a kitchen cart and some other stuff; alas, we got everything BUT the cart. We found a good one, and even picked out baskets to hold the stuff on the shelves it had etc. but when we got to the place where they are stored, they were OUT OUT OUT of them. That was a bummer. We did get some good things for her house (a rug, bedside lamps etc.) and I got a summer-weight down comforter and cover and two picture frames. I want to make sure that I make my room livable, which currently, it's not really. I figure if I am not sweating under a giant comforter all summer, and looking at my "art" laying around on the floor, that's a decent start.

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