Tuesday, March 07, 2006


More tips!

Tip #113

Emotionally laden, long-standing clutter -- such as boxes
of stuff from your dear departed Mom's house -- can be very
hard to deal with. There's a reason all those boxes have
been sitting untouched in the attic for so long! The
heavier the emotionally weight of stuff, the more likely it
is to sit in one place year after year after year.

The first step to tackling this difficult stuff is to
literally get it unstuck by picking it up and moving it --
one box at a time -- to a different area of the house.
Bring one box down from the attic, and put it in one a room
where the energy is lively and active, such as the living
room. Sit down and go through just that one box. Take
everything out, and throw the box away.

Even if most of that stuff goes back into storage, get rid
of that musty, dusty old box and start fresh. Take as long
as you need to go through every item from that box, one at
a time, and make a decision about it.

Stay focused on your goals,

Stephanie Roberts

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