Monday, January 23, 2006


Tip #101

Tip #101

'Good' stuff is the hardest to get rid of, because it looks
so useful or potentially useful, or valuable, or just
sentimental. Ask yourself:

- "Do I really love this and need to keep it, or would
someone else love to have it more?"

- "Do I already have three of these? Do I know where they

- "Does this fit my current body, life style or ideas of
who I am or who I would like to become?"

It's okay to keep some things of sentimental value, but do
you really need to give that size 4 prom dress space in
your closet, or do you have a pressed flower or program or
a picture of you in that dress that recalls that great
night just as well?

Happy clutter-clearing,

Stephanie Roberts

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