Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Clothes help!

I'm going to be moving in a couple of weeks, but maybe I should do this until then. The thing is, I know I wear the same stuff to work, because it's so early and I'm lazy, but I actually *like* the other things as well, or else they are dress shirts.

Tip #104

Here's a neat way to assess which clothes really deserve
space in your closet: first, turn all of your hangers so
they hook over the rod from back to front (this is the
opposite to how we usually put things away). Then, every
time you wear something and put it back in the closet, hang
it with the hook over the rod from front to back.

Do this for a month, and you'll see that all the hangers
facing in are clothes that you actually wear, and the
hangers pointing out are clothes that aren't getting much
use. Some will be seasonal or special-event items that you
do have occasional use for. Others will simply be old,
outdated, the wrong size, don't go with anything else you
own, or just wrong for you. Get rid of them.

Stay focused,

Stephanie Roberts

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