Monday, November 07, 2005


Not sure how to start.

I am usually pretty good about just digging in and taking a small action if I don't know where to start. But today, not so much. I was going to clean out my closet, but now I'm looking around and I haven't unpacked from the weekend, there is filing to do etc. and all of that is out in the open. I am torn about what to do: get the clothes under control, or get the visual clutter out of here. I get this blech feeling when I think about any of it right now. The other day I was feeling very energized and did a bunch of things (as much as time would allow). I wonder if I can even do a good enough job on the closet. I sometimes aim to clear out just a bit, so that I know I'm making progress, and hey, 3 shirts and a few pairs of pants gone is still good. Then there are other times I set myself up to toss out *everything* I'm not currently using. Now, I want to do that (or think I do) because when I do a half-way job, I end up still having too much stuff and having to redo the decluttering later on. I know it's one of those never-ending things (ack) but I have hope that evenutally it'll be manageable...less stuff to start with, less stuff to worry about decluttering.

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