Friday, November 04, 2005


Mountains of Stuff

Mark Morford on Clutter.

I resonate with this.

I am in the midst of clearing things out, or trying to. I haven't been home much, which makes it hard, but just last night I got rid of a grocery bag of white tee shirts that were less white than they should be. I did it while packing for my dance competition. So, perhaps I need to build in an extra few minutes every time I deal with my "stuff" to toss out that which I don't need. This won't really work for big huge messes, but I can chip away as I go.

I have way too much stuff, and I struggle with that. There's a part of me that wants to hang onto things for the possibilities--ooh, that's cool and OLD and old means VINTAGE and I could do a REALLY neat art project with it in my spare time and what if I toss it out and then need it and can't find another like it or can't afford a new one, what then, I ask you?

There's also my history (and my family's history) with STUFF, which is long, and confusing, and would probably take a year in therapy to sort through (Pun intended).

It's all ridiculous when I say it aloud or type it here, but alas, it's no less true, the pull of my stuff. The security, the fascination of being able to shop in my own house, to unearth things I'd lost or forgotten about.

I know that someday the house that I live in will match the house in my head.

I completely feel your pain. I too, am the same way... although I can't really say that my family is like that too. And the worst part is that people who don't see things that way, just don't understand. My boyfriend keeps saying, look it's easy... pick something up and put it in the trash can! But it's not that easy!
My family's actually *not* like that, either which is why it's confusing and complex. My parents are both incredibly neat and organized, so much so that it's a joke/contest to see who in the family is the most anal. (One parent came from a cluttered background, the other from a really neat-nik one.)

I totally get the "how hard can it be, just toss it out!" thing...The answer is: "it's easy for you, hard for me!" ;)
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