Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Some good strides...

Ki and I have made some good strides in decluttering and getting the house under control, although it's been pretty messy lately. I'm not sure what I've posted about here, so I'll give a quick recap of some of it:

*Bought a washer and dryer. This has helped immensely. It has eliminated the "go to the laundromat" night from our schedule, and replaced it with "throw a load of laundry in while we are home and doing other things" activity.

*Bought and put up a window treatment we enjoy in our bedroom. Ki and I picked it out, and she put it up. It's an IKEA fabric blind (or rather two) in a neutral off-white. It opens up the room and looks nice.

*Chore wheel: Kieren did this one. The house has been gross and we've been trying to do triage when we could, but the giant pile of dishes the other day got the best of her. We'd taken out the recycling and I'd emptied the trash, but there were still dishes and a gross floor and sticky/crumby countertops. I came home and, voila, a chore wheel so all the housemates have a turn cleaning.

*Emptied the bags at the foot of the bed. I've been trying to be better about emptying bags when I get home, but tote bags of dance stuff, small daypacks from hiking, work stuff, etc. tends to pile up at the end of the bed. All but one unused one are now gone--fully emptied--and I'm going to tackle the last one this week.

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