Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Musings from over on 43 Things

i bought a very nifty hammock and stand in part so that i could keep one area of the yard (where one of my housemates tends to put her extra “stuff”—tools, wood, boxes, garbage cans—) neat and tidy. it’s the area that corresponds to “wealth” if you buy into feng shui, and i do because after cleaning it up, my financial situation got really good…but i digress.

anyway, i came back from the weekend and the hammock was moved and stuff abounded in the “neat and tidy” zone. i need to get my excess stuff under control before i can ask anyone else to look after theirs, but it still gives me the “one step forward, two back” feeling when i clean an area up and then it gets messy through no fault of my own.

i’ve GOT to clean out my clothes closets as well…i am dreading this because i don’t have a lot of room (our bedroom doesn’t have any real closets—just an old murphy bed enclosure that now has a clothing rod—and two small wardrobes we picked up from IKEA and the hardware store.

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