Friday, July 15, 2005


More expert advice...

More from Stephanie Roberts at Clutter Free Forever:

Holding on to clutter is a really powerful way to keep from
having to do things differently, or to avoid new activities
and experiences. If you can't get motivated to clean even
one little area, what is that clutter protecting you from?
What it is helping you avoid that might be scary to you?
Clearing out your clutter creates space for change, and
change can be threatening, even if it welcomes in something

If you suspect you may be holding on to clutter for
emotional reasons, don't just grit your teeth and force
yourself to get rid of it anyway. Acknowledge and honor
your feelings. Allow yourself time to explore their deeper
meanings. This is a learning and growth opportunity.

If you are surrounded by clutter because lots of material
things help you to feel secure, first let yourself be okay
with that. Give yourself permission to create a sense of
security without feeling guilty about it. Then, make it a
goal to discover other ways to feel more secure without
needing lots of unnecessary stuff around.

I think she is right here. It's not enough to just force yourself to toss things if there's an underlying issue. Sure, sometimes it works, and you can actually get rid of quite of a lot of stuff that way; I know I have. I also know from experience that sorting out the *whys* can be helpful not only because it helps you get rid of things more easily, but also because it helps you *maintain* things at their less-cluttered level. That's to say if I get rid of 10 bags of "stuff", if I'm really okay with having less around, then that space will stay clear. It won't become a "thing void" to be filled with more (new! better! improved!) stuff.

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