Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Giver's Remorse?

So a while ago I got rid of TONS of books. Many, many bags. Among them were a lot of glbt books, which went, with all the rest, to Goodwill. Since that time, I've been pretty hard on myself for taking the "easy" way out, instead of looking into how I could donate them to serve the community. For example, about a month after I donated them, I got a note from the Cantu Center at UCSC asking for glbt book donatations. They have 0 budget and a lot of student readers. I was at Sisterspirit in SJ the other night, chatting with a friend, and noticed their used book section. I could have given them to there as well, or to the Diversity Center in Santa Cruz. Alas, I sent them to Goodwill. I know it's probably not a big thing, but I'm still feeling bad about it, because they could be doing a lot of good as a collection somewhere!

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