Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Archives: Out!

I had tossed out a lot of old magazines earlier in the year, mainly the Backpacker, Outside and Adventure mags I kept for trip ideas and gear tips. I also got rid of my VegTimes and women's mags. Today, however, I went into the back room and saw 3 of those upright magazine containers...full. I haven't been doing as much outdoor stuff lately. In fact, I haven't led any trips this season. With the exception of one Curve with Jodie Foster on the cover, and some Vegetarian Times and health-type mags, they were all "activity" magazines that are great for those who lead trips and need to keep a steady stream of potential outing ideas coming, but not so crucial for someone who is currently doing research for a conference planning company. Anyway, I decided to toss the whole lot out, or rather to recycle them. I may list them on Freecycle if I have time, but if I don't do it and get a taker by Thursday night, they go right into the recycle bin for Friday pick up. I counted them (because I was curious) and there were *30.* I certainly don't need 30 magazines. What was I thinking?

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