Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Another tip from one of my favorite clutter experts!

Tip #50

While a patina of surface clutter can be tidied and put
away without creating more of a mess, dealing with years or
decades worth of pack-ratted stuff is going to make more of
a mess for awhile, until you get it sorted out. You can't
deal with this stuff without getting it all out of whatever
closets/boxes/drawers it's been stashed in and digging and
pulling out and spreading around so you can see it and feel
it and make decisions about it.

Creating this kind of a mess is important progress... so
long as you take the next step of moving it forward along
its paths to new homes (elsewhere or in well-organized
places in your home for the stuff you decide to keep). If
you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break today, and get
back to clutter-clearing tomorrow.

Don't give up!,

Stephanie Roberts

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