Thursday, June 30, 2005


Make Up Mess

I don't wear makeup, so I don't have this exact problem. (The thought of more little tubes and bottles floating around my bathroom/backpack/life is a bit scary!) But it's good advice, and hopefully one of you can use it!

Tip #48 From Stephanie Roberts

Grooming and makeup items that you use every morning can be
collected into a plastic or wicker basket and stored in a
bathroom cabinet or under the sink. Pull the basket out
when it's time to get ready for the day, and place on the
counter. As you finish using each item, toss it back in the
basket, and the whole thing goes back out of sight when
you're done. All your stuff stays together so you don't
loose time rummaging around, and your bathroom counter and
cabinet stay tidy.

Do keep an eye on your basket so it doesn't accumulate
extra clutter over time. If have to rummage around in there
for what you need, either you need a larger basket, or
you've got more than you need in there.

Using this method is a good way to cut down on extra makeup
items. Just put a few eye shadows and lipstick in the daily
basket. If months go by without you looking for a different
one to use that's not in the basket, changes are you don't
need the others.

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