Monday, May 23, 2005


Message of the Day from The Organizer Lady

Let's Hear It for Robotics!

Messies tend to relate emotionally to their work.
They think they should feel like doing the work before
they start. Even when they do the work, they react
emotionally to it, usually not liking it, resenting having to
use time doing what we consider mindless work.

In contrast, one of the characteristics of organized
people is that they go about their jobs in what can only
be called a mechanical way. Sometimes you can even
see a sort of robot-like look on their faces. They just do
what needs to be done without rancor, without joy. They
would be amazed to know how emotionally we relate to our

Become, in a way, mechanical. Just put one foot
in front of the other. Do the work without considering whether
you like to do it, whether it is emotionally satisfying, or
whether it is a good use of your valuable time.

In order to make this approach easier, some Messies
listen to books on tape as they do their work. Each day as
they go about their routine, they look forward to hearing what
is going to happen next.

But the bottom line is --- just do it.

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