Thursday, March 31, 2005


Today's furniture fiasco

Part one:

Ki and I are getting a new-to-us queen-sized bed this weekend! We have to haul it, and the person who sold us our truck a couple years ago had gone on about how it would fit a queen-sized bed. So we figured no problem. It'll fit a bed, easy. Alas, not on the interior, it won't. We'll be the ones this weekend driving around the Bay Area with the matress on the top of the truck cap. (We are going out of town and will pick up the bed on our journey, then have it with us until going home.)

Part two:

A few weeks ago, we purchased a set of shelves. These did, indeed, fit inside the truck, where they stayed until tonight, when we had the time (relatively speaking) and inclination to put them in their new location. The good news is they are very cool shelves, and they technically fit where we put them. The bad news is that they looked really bad in conjunction with the other furniture (height & depth issues) and we couldn't open the cabinet in which we keep our pants. As it's really best that we go to work wearing some form of bottoms, we had to move the shelves back out, and they are chillin' in the dining room until further notice. The actual move went something like this:

New shelves from truck to living room.
Empty old shelves.
Old shelves from bedroom to living room.
New shelves from living room to bedroom.

Uh oh, won't work. On to Plan B. (See, we did have a plan "B" in case the first arrangement was bad).

Move new shelves to living room.
Take everything out of and off of pants cabinet.
Move pants cabinet where shelves are.
Bring new shelves back in.

Ick, even uglier than Option A. Or is it?
Can't be sure

Try Option A again...

Move new shelves into living room.
Move pants cabinet back to original position.
Put new shelves where they were the first time around.

Wow, definitely ugly and non-functional in this particular incarnation.

New shelves back to living room.
Old shelves back in.

Look at new shelves.
Say "wow, these are some nice shelves."
Look around to see where they can go, and what they can replace.
Measure stuff.
Look around some more.
Decide to try to downgrade from a Giant Bookshelf to the small new ones.
Put new shelves in dining room.

Put all the stuff back on the old shelves.
Put all the pants back in the cabinet.

So, the furniture got moved and I dusted and wiped so the areas behind everything are grade-A squeaky clean. I took about 8 or 9 journals and 5 or 6 books off the old shelves and rehoused themn, and dusted all the remaining books and paraphenelia.

Add into this that we were at first, not so smart, and transfered things from the top of the pants cabinet to the new shelves and back 3 or 4 times before we realized, hey, this is a pain, let's put these items elsewhere while we play rubik's cube with the furniture, and you have one hell of a moving adventure. You know, something that took 2 hours (literally) and looks pretty much the same as when you started, save for previously inaccessible (and now eradicated) dust bunnies.

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