Monday, March 21, 2005


Time flies...

Time flies when you are spending a day decluttering. Seriously, though, I can't believe it's almost noon. I decided I'd put in some effort today and see what I could get done, partially because T. offered to come down tonight, and putting it in my mind that she might be turning up for a visit was a good motivational tool to get me to straighten and declutter more than I might have been inclined to do today.

I am not sure I will get the house clean in the next few hours. There are 5 of us living here and while a lot of the stuff in the house is mine, the general level of dirt (i.e. kitchen floor, bathroom etc.) is pretty evenly split amongst the 5 of us and our guests. In fact, as I'm only here 5 of 7 days, it's probably *less* mine. I'm up messing up T.'s house most weekends. :)

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