Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I read a lot

I read a lot of books, and not surprisingly, some of them are on decluttering. I'm currently perusing Lighten Up! Free Yourself from Clutter by Michelle Passoff.

She does a good job of talking about paper clutter and filing; her conceptualization of what a filing system is helped me transform my thinking. Here's what she says:

Think of your files as an extention and appendage of your mind. They are a
place in which to empty your thoughst so you can actually see what is going
on in your head. Your files should enable you to see clearly what is
important in your life and, moreover, to have access to it. If your
mind is like a big pool in which your thoughts swim, a file is fixed
and stable. File cabinets are like a net you cast over thoughts and ideas so
they do not get away from you. They act as a safe deposit box for what you

Once your papers are decluttered and a filing system is set in place, a
stranger should be able to visit your home, open your file drawers, and
sketch a profile of what your life is about--precisely what is most
important to you at that moment in time. (Passoff 83-84)

Thre's also a really good visualization to help you sort out what you'd like your house to look like (using the possessions you already have).

If you'd like to order the book, here's a link:

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