Monday, March 07, 2005


Home sweet home...

Just got in a bit ago from a weekend up at T's. Our room is messier than I remembered, but I have to remind myself that it's all in flux right now as I clean; I could have put things "away," but they'd just be languishing messily and temporarily in drawers instead of sitting out, awaiting further instruction. There are still some structural/organizational issues to which I need to attend, if the visual clutter in the room is going to be mimimized. To be honest, I've beem working mostly on the living room currently, on Operation Bye Bye Books.

I am trying to be gentle with myself; I'm allowing myself to declutter various mini-areas, as the spirit moves me, rather than forcing myself to go full speed ahead on one room until I fall over from exhaustion halfway through. (Not that I know how that might feel from experience or anything. Me? Try that? Never.)

Anyway, we just got new-to-us shelves this weekend, and will be replacing our little altar/bookshelf with a new, larger one. Part of me worries it will make the room feel closed in; if this is the case we will have to rearrange things. But I like th idea of having all the bedroom books in one place, and even if it means giving up my first CA bookshelves/altar, it's okay.

Ki and I burn a lot of incense and candles, which we can't do on the new shelves, as they are much taller, but we may do it on this other piece of furniture. We can turn its top into an altar space, but I want to be careful that there's no big wax and ash experience going on that will ruin it. (The top of the other bookshelves are pretty thrashed even though we tried to be careful.)

I won't have much time to declutter tomorrow (Monday) as I will be getting in the car in about 10-11 hours to go back up to Oakland for dance practice and to teach my dance class. Tuesday will be the next time I can deal with it, and that's the day I'm packing for New Orleans. My goal is to take hardly anything; just a carry on (plus Ki wants to take the laptop). I'm going to have to put my extra shoes in her bigger bag, but she said that should be fine. :) YAY!

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