Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Cleanliness is next to something pretty darn good...

Tonight I went on a bit of a cleaning bender. Really, when it comes down to it, I made some "clean spots" in an otherwise not-so-pristine house, but it feels better. And Ki (my partner) noticed. Of course, I also dragged her around, pointing out "and look at the wall behind the garbage can" and "see here, under the futon, where I've rounded up all the dust bunnies..."

Just because there is still some clutter around, it's not an excuse to have actual dirt living with me. Aside from sand, which I like, because it reminds me that I live near the beach. I don't mind sweeping up sand, because it's such a blessing to live within walking distance of the ocean.

So, the end result was a clean living room and a clean kitchen (including a giant stack of dishes that were mostly not mine, but minus the floor, which I figure someone else can wash), plus some other tasks, like taking out the bathroom (and rest of the house) trash. Whew.

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