Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Clean up your past...

Today, get one old project or mess cleaned up.

Check out your surroundings, and pick out one project that's not yet greater than the sum of its (pile of) parts.

Now, decide what to do with it.

You can toss it out or pass the parts on to someone who will complete the project.

You can clean it up neatly and put it away for another time. If you choose this option, take out your calendar and take a good look at when you have time to complete it.

Or, you can continue to trip over it every time you try to get into your closet. (I wouldn't recommend this one.)

Why clean up old messes? Because they free you from ties to the past, a past when you might have had habits (such as not finishing projects) that no longer serve you. You might as well free up that energy to use on something you value *now*, something that fits your current life or reflects where you want to be.

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