Monday, March 21, 2005


Big Pain vs. Small Pain

This is from an article on the Mt. Vernon method of cleaning.

Be willing to take a risk that you may later want what you discarded. Also realize that it may cause temporary pain to throw something out. However, it also causes definite pain to keep it. Throwing it out is mild pain, compared with the pain which comes from having to live helplessly with all the clutter which finds its way into the house. There is an exhilarating feeling of freedom which comes once the decision to take control of the house has been made and you actually do it by beginning to throw out.

I find it true. I've made some mistakes in choosing what to discard or pass on, but you know what? It's okay. I accidently gave away the wrong shirt at a clothing exchange, and I did go to look for it in my closet, but only once. Then I remembered someone else was enjoying it. I also tossed a book I didn't realize Ki wanted to read. (We have so much stuff she didn't realize I owned it!) It's not something the library is likely to have, but I acutally it wasn't such a bad idea to get rid of it because, after all, I was done with it, and it's generally a bad idea to hang on to things because others might want them someday. And in the end, all the other things I let go of and don't miss? Well that's worth way more. It's like putting up with a couple hours of sea sickness so you can sail around the world.

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