Monday, March 21, 2005


Ain't gonna happen...

All those things I wanted to get in order before T. came down to visit? Ain't gonna happen. She's coming tonight, which means I have about an hour to clean up the house, clean up *me* and wrap her birthday presents! I wish I had the time to make things look really nice, but I don't and so she will have to deal. I asked her if she really wanted to come down, or if it was a morbid curiousity about what our house looked like (because she's heard about its state for, oh, 4 months now) and she said it was a bit of both.

And a useful reminder, just because: Go change your kitchen sponge. I speak from experience, here. Ours was bright blue on Friday, and yesterday when Ki and I got home, it was a brownish blue. (At least something must have been wiped with it, which I consider a good thing.)

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