Tuesday, February 22, 2005


What's the Worst that Can Happen if you Toss it?

We hear a lot about positive thinking in decluttering circles; lots of us talk about how we need to have a little faith that if we need something, it will come to us (so we don't actually have to keep *every single thing* just in case).

But it's good to ask yourself the following question, as well...

What's the worst that can happen if you toss it?

Maybe someone will need it. Maybe *you* will need it. It may turn out to be valuable. You may find the exact match to it at a yard sale a week later (note: avoid yard sales if this may be the case). Perhaps you'll not be able to replace it because they don't make it any more. Or your family will be mad because they considered it a heirloom/wanted it back someday/think your taste is horrendous except for *that particular item*. Maybe the person who gave it to you will be upset when they visit and it's gone.

You get the idea. Expose yourself to the worst case scenario. Let yourself feel the fear, anxiety etc. Sit with it. Feel the icky feelings and know that you can handle them!

Now, toss that stuff!

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