Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The Good Old Days

Last night, Ki reminded me that when she first met me, I didn't have a lot of stuff, and it was all beautifully organized, and that, two years later, when she moved over and moved in, everything was still amazingly organized and clean; I had more books because of my PhD, but everything had a "home" and was tidy.

Instead of thinking "What the heck happened?" I thought, "Wow, I used to be neat and tidy and organized, with not too much stuff. And that can happen again! YAY!"

I thanked Ki this morning for her words last night, because they let me see that the image I have of myself (as someone who likes organization and cleanliness but whose house doesn't currently match that) is actually accurate in the world and not just an untested fantasy of my ideal self.

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