Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Clear the clutterbug!

For this exercise, we are going to work with seeing, and then eliminating, some visual clutter.

What bugs you?

That the cat box looks gross?

Is it the precarious stack of books and papers near the bed that cascades over when you try to climb in or out?

How about the pile of shoes by the front door that you constantly trip over?

What about the stack of tupperware on the kitchen counter?

Or the overflowing toothbrush holder in the bathroom?

Pick one thing, something specific, and not gigantic (i.e. the entire garage may bug you but for this exercise you'll have to figure out what part bugs you the most and start there).

Don't pick something you *think* should annoy you. Some people don't mind a few dishes in the sink, or a couple of towels on the floor. Pick something that habitually, when you look at it, or trip over it, makes you crazy.

Now, you're going to learn to see it for what it is and how it got there. You are going to change it, and create a new habit around it.

First really see the mess, the clutter, whatever it is.

Now, it's time for solutions:

Remember: You deserve to not be annoyed by this particular mess. And you have the power to change it, to eliminate a stressor from your life. How great is that?

Concrete example:

Perhaps you read in an organizing book that you should keep your reading materials close to where you read. Now you have a tall pile of Fabulous Thick Magazines by your favorite chair. Only they look messy and they slide over twice a day and almost kill the dog, who naps nearby.

You decide they belong there, because before they were in the kitchen on the counter, where they were not getting read. Congratulations, they have found their *home* (yay!). But perhaps they need a *house.* When you "look" at that place on the floor in your mind's eye, you "see" a wicker basket with a lid, and the dog safely snoozing next to it. The magazines won't fall over or look untidy, and they are conveniently located. Viola!

So, my challenge to you: what bugs you? Are you willing to change that one thing?

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